The Best Betting Sites

Recently there has been an impressive spike in the development of online sports betting sites and with countries legalizing this form of gambling, there are bound to be many more. While the internet simply loves betting on casino games, there is nothing that quite matches the thrill of betting on your favorite hockey teams, basketball matches and football games. Some of the most popular horse racing betting sites have been known to pay out life changing sums of money and that alone has attracted the eye the avid punter and has gained the form of betting an impressive reputation.Apart from being incredibly popular, betting on sports is also positively lucrative and this is where you get to better understand the importance of the best sports betting sites like

How to Choose the Right Sports Sites?

As with anything that holds value, there is a reason why it is valuable and generally is value is determined by something poorer in quality, making the eye of the beholder understanding as to why it is so valuable. The same can be said for sports betting sites. Because there are so many of them being launched we can clearly tell the right ones from the poor tasting ones and this is how you do it.

  • The Best Sports Betting Variety

If you are signing with one of the best sports betting sites you need to broaden your betting bracket, because chances are, you will indeed feel the itch to bet on another one of your favorite sports. You will find top sites offer variety. From basketball and baseball to American football and horseracing, whatever the season, make sure you have signed up with a site that offers this rather than having to sign up with a number of books and keep track of where you bet and how much you put down at each site.

  • Betting Odds

Online sportsbooks provide you with a list of betting options, the site with the most accurate odds is the one to sign up with. You can gauge how accurate an online book is through the word of online players using casino forums or even reviews. Search for platforms where casinos are discussed to find out who agrees your casino is the one with the best betting odds.

  • Deposit and Withdrawal Options

While winning is priority, so is getting those winnings out from the sportsbook as well as putting money into the bet in order to cash out your winnings. The right sportsbook will offer you a number of deposit and withdrawal methods, where you should find one to suit your time constraints and fees.

  • Live Sports Betting

Games and matches, especially ones on football betting sites should offer you the option of live sports betting. This is currently one of the most popular forms of betting online as the odds are adjusted as the game progresses. Live sports betting is where you get to watch the race or gain in action. Hundreds log online to get their bets in and watch the show, nothing short of extraordinary.

  • Security

One of the most important contributing factors of choosing the right horse racing betting sites is making sure they have tightened up on their security. Because there is a number of financial transactions being processed from your account, you want to ensure that the sportsbook has gone the extra mile and set the appropriate security measures in place for a secure gambling experience. A common security measure is something known as SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) which encrypts all data transferred from the casino to the player and the player to the casino. This includes payments and all person information required to set up an account and withdraw any winnings.

  • Licensing

Only legitimate online football betting sites and casinos have been licensed through gaming authorities. Make sure you have signed with a legitimate sportsbook by verifying the licensing which should be through either the UK GamblingCommission or Malta Gaming Authorities.

  • Multiple Betting Options

When choosing the right sportsbook check to see how many betting options are available. The best sites deliver numerous betting options to give you the best chance of winning. Check to see which games offer which strategies and place multiple bets to see which you favor.

  • Return to Player

The sportsbook takes a fee from the wager you place as a payment for its services, normally this fee is more or less the same from one sportsbook to the next but just make sure the book isn’t taking a large chunk of change as it gives you less to wager with. The percentage can be Googled if the site doesn’t reveal it in its policy.

  • Bonus Offers

The right sportsbook will deliver on a number of bonus deals and promotional offers throughout its lifespan. Whether you are new to the site or an existing member, there should be some deals on offer and especially for those signing up. One of the common factors to look for is bonus codes which are discounted deals when placing a wager on a team or a race.

  • Software

The software of an online sportsbook determines the user compatibility, the quality of the bets on offer and the streaming speed. The more popular the software, the more expensive the costto the casino. Popular software ensures the authenticity of the site which is ideally what makes you choose the right one.

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New Betting Sites

The key to successful sports betting is signing up with a great sportsbook. It delivers the fundamentally important factors which determine the outcome of each wager placed. Take a look at why expert bettors recommend signing up with new sportsbooks.

Why Play at New Betting Sites?

There are a number of perks of playing at new betting sites and each of them somehow benefits the way you bet. A quality sportsbook is determined by a few factors and if your new sportsbook checks the list, you have then found yourself a keeper and the only way to do this is by signing with new sites. Here are some of the pros for new members.

Sign Up Deals

There are a number of popular sportsbooks which have obtained their reputation from delivering fantastic sign up offer which includes bonus codes, discounted wager deals and other perks. This is what attracts players to new sites and by comparing one sportsbook offer to the other, you have the upper hand of signing with the better one as you can tell which is better by these offers.


Add variety to your sporting bets. If you are already a member of a horse racing sportsbook, you may not have access to the latest football matches. Sign up with a new site to expand your betting variety and add games such as golf, football and basketball into the mix.

Mobile Betting

Newer sites may offer a mobile betting platform which allows you to watch the game live while you adjust your bets to match the odds. Older sportsbooks may not offer this feature which is great for the gamer on the go.


A change is as good as a holiday and maybe that’s just what you need. While remaining a loyal member to your preexisting sportsbook, sometimes change is good, especially in the instance of sportsbetting as some new variety might just put you on a winning streak.

New Promotional Offers

New sportsbooks mean new offers, check out all the promotional deals up for grabs and play while saving money and making money simultaneously.

Where to Find New Betting Sites ?

With the internet as your tool, you will be able to locate a number of trending new sportsbooks easily. Here a few methods to nudge you in the right direction with minimal effort and all the right findings.

Web Search: Use your internet browser to locate and find the best ranked newly developed books. This will bring up a few which will need to be reviewed so this isn’t recommended unless you know how to review the site, however if you don’t you can check out how to below.

Reviews: If you don’t want to review the site yourself, you can always read expert reviews delivered by professional players and bettors as they know what to look for and where to find it. The reviews also contain pretty much all the essential information you need.

Casino Betting Sites: Casino forums are ideal to locate new sportsbooks. This is where players who has the same passion about sports, racing and betting, discuss the pros and cons of new sites. You can ask questions and receive multiple opinions based on experience. You are advised against new sites while others will be recommended. This is one of the ideal methods of finding a new sportsbook.

Social Sites : Social media is equipped to deliver the latest news and launches of new sites. Follow notorious sites to keep up to date with the release of new software developer brands which have new games out or have developed a new sports book.

Affiliate Sites : Affiliates are sites which are linked to the sporting site. When you are on the lookout for new deals and promotional offers, these affiliate sites appear in your browser and then you can follow their links taking you directly to the new sites and granting you access to the deals you were looking for originally.

How to Review New Betting Sites?

If you want to become an expert bettor, one part of the process is learning to review the sports site for yourself. This is in anyway beneficial to you as you will become better acquainted with the qualities of a legitimate site and immediately spot the less advantageous books. Online sportsbooks have a number of defining qualities and looking at their highlights will show you where to find them.

Looking at the Design

If you look at a popular sportsbook site you will immediately notice the effort that has gone into the design, the look and the feel of it. A quality book will be easy to use and navigate through, allowing you to bet on all your favorite sports rather than simply trying to find them.

Going with your Instinct

As a novice bettor or reviewer, you should always listen to your gut feeling. If you can tell just by looking at the site that it may be fraudulent or a scam, report it and move along swiftly.

License and Registration Please

Look for the licensing number, logo or company, usually registered under the UK Gambling Commission or the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority). Find the information at the footer of the site or under the privacy policy. If you cannot locate it, use your browser to Google reviews before going on to sign up.


Some sites give you the number of current active users. If you can see there are a great deal of users online, you can assume it is legitimate, still check the licensing.

Customer Support

This is important. Usually online sportsbooks will have a number of means of reaching out to their members or so the members can reach out in a moment’s notice. Look for live chat services, email options, telephone numbers or even a customer forms. Before signing, test these methods to see what turnaround time frame the sportsbook reacts to your connectivity and if it’s instant or within 24 hours, you have a winner!