Mobile Roulette and Roulette Apps

Mobile gaming is one of the most popular gaming methods as players have immediate access to their most beloved games on the go, something that has never been possible until the introduction of the smartphone just a few years ago. Find out everything you need to know about one of the greatest casino games in history and how you can get the full experience directly from your mobile device.

Requirements for Playing Roulette on Mobile

If you are new to the wonderfully innovative realm of online gambling from your mobile device, you are in for a treat. Here is what is required in order to play roulette on your mobile device.

  • Internet

Who doesn’t have access to Wi-Fi with all the hotspots around the world! If you have access to the internet, you are already on your way to the future of gaming.

  • Mobile Phone

We think this goes without saying. You need a mobile device to play any game from your phone. The better the graphics card of your mobile the higher the resolution of the mobile roulette app.

  • Mobile Roulette Apps

If you cannot access the casino via your mobile phone’s browser, you will need to download a roulette application from your app store or research the best ones online and see if the casino you are with offers a mobile app or a gaming platform which has been designed exclusively for mobile users. Thankfully you can have more than one app for the sake of greed!

How to Play On Roulette on Mobile

Firstly, you would need to access the roulette app directly from your mobile and then create an account with the mobile casino once you have downloaded the app. Creating an account is really simple as all you actually need to do is follow the steps provided by the casino. You will be required to provide some verification of your true identity for authentication purposes. Once you have set up your account, you will be required to make a real cash deposit into your new casino gaming account so that you can access the games, claim bonuses and win real cash prizes.

3000 EURO/week Payout
Available in Multiple Languages

Pros of Plying Roulette Games on Mobile

There are a number of perks to mobile gaming other than you getting to play roulette on mobile. Here are some of the most highlighted pros.

  • Mobility

It goes without saying that one of the most attractive features of gaming from your smart device is the constant access to all the best games on the move. The literal mobility of mobile gaming is the very reason why players are opting for smartphone gambling rather than land based or online gambling.

  • Immediately Accessible

You have instant access to games such as roulette, poker and slots immediately whenever the mood arises.

  • Variety

You have more access to casino games from your mobile device than you do at one land based casino. The variety works as a massive pro as players from around the world, with various tastes, have access to practically any game they desire.

  • Live Dealer Games

You can access live casino dealer games on most roulette apps, something relatively new to mobile gaming and fast becoming a popular means of online casino gaming.

  • Great Graphics

The latest mobile devices have been designed for online gaming. In fact, there are a number of mobile devices created specifically for gaming which project high resolution graphics on crystal LED displays, complimenting the graphics of online casino games.

Cons of Playing Roulette Games on Mobile

There are some disadvantages of mobile roulette games, as with all forms of gaming. Some of them bigger than others but what most matters is that these cons are outweighed by the pros. Here are some of the disadvantages of roulette mobile games.

  • Limited Internet Access

As with most applications, you cannot access the games without internet. Lucky most places offer free Wi-Fi and you can purchase data if your wireless goes out. There are also other apps which allow you access to the games without internet but these are usually free games and you cannot play them and win real cash.

  • Limited Options

As online casinos have only recently begun developing their own applications, your gaming choices may be limited. Not all casinos offer the full selection of games which can be accessed from your desktop.

  • Have You Got Access?

Your favorite online casino may not be accessible from your mobile. Although this is highly unlikely should this be the case, you are represented with the opportunity to sign up with a new roulette casino which is a great opportunity to discover something new and play from your mobile device.

Top 5 Roulette Apps

If you are seriously considering downloading an app for exclusive roulette online gambling, you will want the best gaming experience. This is made possible through the best applications which deliver great perks, sign up bonuses, cash payouts, high return to player percentages and more. Here are 5 of the top rated roulette apps today.

888 Casino App: This application gives you access to all the best casino games including roulette, poker, video slots and more. It is one of the most downloaded apps due to its great features.

LeoVegas App: Enjoy a number of roulette variants through LeoVegas, a popular mobile applications which is the customized app for mobile users coming from its massive online desktop platform. It is also one of the most downloaded apps with positive feedback.

Mr Green: This mobile casino allows you access to the best roulette games and a number of variants.

Lucky Win Casino: Choose a number of casino games and play for free should the mood arise.

GSN Grand Casino: This app is free to download, offers a number of roulette games and other games, provides in app purchases to get ahead of the game and is one of the best casino apps on the market.

Choose one or more of the above listed apps and change the way you game.