Introduction About Online Poker Real Money

The introduction of mobile gaming has ensured that poker is no longer restricted to festivals or live casinos. The ease of digital payments ensures that you can now play poker online for money. Initially, poker was considered a game of luck. But with increased awareness, poker became a game of human psychology, probability, experience and skills.

Several poker websites incentivise users with welcome bonuses, loyalty programs and deposit schemes. Since most online poker real money app are mobile-friendly, their popularity is increasing even more. People can also get easy access to demonstration videos and tutorials to ace the game.

Is Online Poker Legal in India?

Poker is getting widely accepted as a game of skills. But whether it’s legal or illegal in India depends on the laws of different states. The Indian constitution has given each state the power to frame laws on betting and gambling. While online poker is legal in most Indian states, there are a few exceptions. The legality of poker in a few specific Indian states is as follows:

  • Assam: People living in Assam are not allowed to play online poker. According to the Game and Betting Act 1970, games of skill such as rummy or poker are illegal in Assam.
  • Andhra Pradesh: Playing rummy, fantasy sports, poker or any other real money online game is banned in the state. According to the Andhra Pradesh Gaming (Amendment) Ordinance, 2020, indulging in gambling can cause six months to two years of imprisonment.
  • Karnataka: The Karnataka Police Act considered online gambling unconstitutional. But in 2022, the Karnataka High Court ruled against the act and opened the operations of skill-based gaming firms in the state.
  • Goa: It is one of the two Indian states where casinos are legal. Therefore, online poker is also legal in the state.
  • Gujarat: The state has various restrictions on gambling. But a loophole in the law ensures that online gambling is not yet illegal. As long as the law is specifically updated to state that online gambling is illegal, you can play poker online in Gujarat.
  • Kerala: Online rummy is considered illegal in Kerala. But other skill games like fantasy sports and online poker are still offered in the state.
  • Maharashtra: The Bombay Wager Act, 2017 states that web-based betting is an offence in Maharashtra. Therefore, playing online poker for real money is illegal in the state.
  • Tamil Nadu: Online gaming in Tamil Nadu was banned in 2020 after several suicide cases involving youths who lost money to online gaming. Playing online poker for real money leads to up to two years of imprisonment and a Rs 10,000 fine in the state.
  • Sikkim: Online gambling, including online poker, is permitted in Sikkim according to the Sikkim Online Gaming (Regulation) Rules 2009.
  • Telangana: In June 2017, the Telangana Prevention of Dangerous Activities Amendment Bill 2017 banned real money gaming in the state.
  • West Bengal: Poker is considered a game of skill in West Bengal, and it does not fall under the umbrella of gambling. Therefore, you can play poker online for money in West Bengal.

The Best Online Poker Sites in India

1. Khelo365










The Indian online poker real money website offers players the ease of playing without downloading any software. But players can have a better experience by using the Android or iOS app.

Key Features:

  • Welcome bonus up to Rs 1000 on the first deposit
  • Play games like Pot Limit Omaha and Texas Hold’em Poker with a live gaming experience
  • Daily and weekly tournaments to win free poker money.

2. Spartan Poker









Spartan Poker offers a wide range of superior games to players. Being one of the best online poker website in India, it offers a seamless gaming experience.

Key Features:

  • Welcome bonus up to Rs 7,500 on the first deposit
  • Enables players to join tournaments for Rs 1
  • Earn money by referring friends.

3. Adda52 Poker









The largest poker website in India invests in various promotional campaigns and provides incentives to attract new players. Existing players on the website can earn huge benefits from the VIP schemes and loyalty programs.

Key Features:

  • Offers signup bonus of Rs 1000 to players
  • Multiple variations of poker are available
  • Discounts and offers are available by registering using referrals

4. PokerBaazi









PokerBaazi is one of the new poker websites in India that gained huge popularity within a short time. Several celebrities like Sunny Leone have been associated with promoting the website.

Key Features:

  • Welcome bonus of Rs 100 after the first deposit
  • Various tournaments throughout the year
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals

5. Poker Nation









The online poker real money app, based in Mumbai, is constantly reinventing to offer the best gaming experience. The website can be accessed from all devices, including smartphones.

Key Features:

  • Welcome bonus of Rs 2000
  • Bonuses and incentives offered to players throughout the year
  • Multiple payment options are available for depositing money

6. 888









It is one of the best online poker websites globally. It has been the pioneer of online poker tables with webcam integration. Therefore, players can socialise while playing on 888.

Key Features:

  • Welcome bonus up to Rs 2000
  • Multiple varieties of poker games
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals

7. Poker Stars









The online poker real money website has more than 65 million registered users from all over the world. The poker website offers various poker festivals such as Spring Championship of Online Poker and others.

Key Features:

  • Win a 100% bonus after the first three deposits
  • Multiple variations of poker games
  • A loyalty program that offers better bonuses to long-existing players

8. Replay Poker









Launched in 2005, the Sweden-based poker website is one of the best in the world. The website pays attention to user suggestions and adds new features accordingly.

Key Features:

  • Welcome bonus of five free chips
  • Guides available to teach new players the rules of various poker games
  • Check stats to find out how you have performed

9. Poker Bunga










Established in 2012, Poker Bunga has one of the best online platforms for playing poker. Players enjoy a superior gaming experience with multiple variations of poker available.

Key Features:

  • 100% welcome bonus after buying chips for the first time
  • Players can set their own theme depending on their mood
  • Secure and exceptional interface

10. PokerDangal









PokerDangal is an online poker real money app that gained high popularity among players within the past few years. The website offers two forms of poker, including Omaha Pot Limit and Texas Hold’em.

Key Features:

  • 150% deposit bonus up to Rs 5000
  • Multiple withdrawal and deposit methods
  • Committed to responsible gambling

11. 9Stacks









9Stacks earned huge popularity in the online poker market due to its unique features. The website is committed to fair play and holds a certificate from iTech labs.

Key Features:

  • Get Rs 400 poker chips after making the first deposit of Rs200
  • User-friendly interface offering profitable play
  • Fast payout system










Launched in 2018, the website is owned by Grasp Gaming company. No Limit Texas Hold’em is the most popular game on the website.

Key Features:

  • No deposit bonus of Rs 1000
  • Freeroll tournaments are available to deposit and no-deposit players
  • Responsive customer support team

How to Play Online Poker for Real Money: Tips and Tricks (2022)












  • Begin with low stakes: Even if you are a pro at playing poker and are used to high-stake games, focus on low stakes while beginning to play poker online and online lottery ticket. You will need the first few games to get habituated to the software, as online poker is more fast-paced than live poker. Beginning with low stakes will help you manage your bankroll and prevent you from making a huge first deposit.











  • Be choosy when it comes to starting hands: A good poker player is able to choose the right starting hand. You should choose hands that you can raise when you are the last one to act. Some hands like A-A and K-K can be raised in both early and late positions.
  • Be an aggressive player: When you decide to play poker online, you should focus on playing aggressively. If you are not willing to bet a lot of chips, there’s no point in playing premium hands. An aggressive poker player selects only a few hands and bets on them hard.













  • Know about online poker gameplay, strategies, and other aspects: You should use the first few online poker games to get habituated to the different aspects of the game. For instance, you will have to learn to make faster decisions while playing online poker. You need to acquaint yourself with a lot of things such as lobby layout, rake-bake offers, in-game controls and others.
  • Understand odds and hand rankings: If you want to play online poker for money, you should understand hand rankings. You should also know about the poker odds of hitting a winning hand which involves knowing the following:
    • Outs: It is the number of cards that can improve your hand.
    • Hand Odds: Hand odds can be calculated using the outs.
    • Pot Odds: It is the amount of money that needs to be put in the put to call and compare the outs and hand odds.
  • Begin with a single table: One of the most significant advantages of online poker is the ability to play multi-tables. But when you are a beginner at online poker, stick to a single table. You should learn how to consistently win at a single table before playing on multiple tables.










  • Defend the blinds: You should defend your blinds at every available opportunity when you are playing online poker for real money. You should be extremely cautious if you are playing the big blind. Always be careful about the players in hand and re-raised pots. Focus on defending your big blind with a hand that can play multiway.
  • Start from a distraction-free zone: Players often play poker online for money from the comfort of their rooms. While it’s a convenient option, players should focus on removing all distractions from the room. Whether it’s the television or family members talking at the back, distractions will prevent you from concentrating on the game and thin your chances of winning. A professional attitude towards play online poker is necessary to win big.
  • Don’t cross the bankroll: Before you decide to play poker online, you should take a look at your bankroll. Prevent yourself from going high stake until and unless you can afford to. Don’t spend too much on poker, thinking that you will win it back.










  • Mastering the way to bluff: Even while playing online poker for real money, bluffing is essential. When you master how to bluff, you will increase your chances of winning even without the best cards. But you should consider your positions, table image, stack size and other factors before bluffing. The most seasoned online poker players also struggle with learning how to bluff.
  • Explore free tools and software: Visit the App Store or Google Play Store to find apps that can improve your online poker skills. For instance, you can get DTO Poker and online poker real money app which helps in evaluating your decisions from a granular level. You can also visit if you are interested in playing online poker tournaments.
  • Make important hardware updates: You should focus on some hardware updates to get closer to the goal of winning online poker games. For instance, you can buy a high-resolution monitor to reduce eye strain and play multiple tables easily. You can also invest in a good chair that will keep you comfortable while playing online poker.











  • Purchase software: You can invest in various software that can help you get more information about your opponents. Many online poker websites contain hand history tools. But the hand history tools are not as functional as the advanced software programs like Poker Tracker.
  • Invest in a poker coaching program: You need to invest in a few coaching programs if you want to play poker online. Whether it’s YouTube videos or other interactive tools, learning about poker never comes to an end. You can also get on various poker training websites that will teach basic poker strategies and advanced techniques. Some top training sites to check out to enhance your poker playing skills are as follows:
    • Upswing Poker
    • Run it Once
    • Raise Your Edge
    • RedChipPoke

Ways to find out the best poker sites

Look for the best welcome bonus: Players are often rewarded welcome bonuses on online websites like poker, online cricket betting websites simply for signing up. Choosing the right welcome bonus is not just about picking the biggest offer. Instead, you should choose a welcome bonus that you can actually clear. The biggest bonuses are beneficial only when you want to play at high stakes. But beginners should focus on small bonuses as playing at high stakes is not advisable for amateur players.

  • Identify sites with player traffic: The ultimate purpose of signing up on a poker website is to play poker online. You need to choose a best online poker website that has a sufficient amount of traffic. Notice how many tables are available and the stakes that you would be interested in playing. You need to ensure that the website has action when you want to play. Players interested in tournaments should check if there are enough entrants for the winner to grab worthwhile prizes and.
  • Choose simple lobbies: Every poker website has a different interface that can enhance the user experience. Look for the best poker app for real money where you can easily find the games you want to play.
  • Watch videos and read reviews: You should rely on reviews before choosing the best online poker website. The reviews will tell you in detail about bonuses, winnings and other aspects of the poker website. Find out what goes on a poker website before beginning to play.
  • Secure and safe banking option: If you play poker online for money, you should consider the banking options of the poker website. You need to find safe banking options for both withdrawals and deposits. You should also choose a website that offers multiple banking options for both.
  • Take advantage of freerolls: Freerolls are tournaments on poker websites that enable you to win real money without an entry fee. The best online poker website will offer freerolls with attractive awards. Always remember that it’s easier to win real cash when you have a few players to beat.
  • Boost the game with appropriate training tools: Even if you have been playing online poker for years, you need to constantly improve yourself gain a competitive edge. The best online poker website will offer occasional tips, strategies and training videos to improve your poker playing skills. Before choosing a poker website, you need to determine the resources that you will get to become a pro at gambling. You should also check whether the website has a beginner’s table where you will be playing with amateur players only.

Why Play Poker Online?

The top reasons to play poker online are as follows:

  • Convenience: If you play poker online, you don’t even have to leave your room. You can access the best poker website from mobile phones, laptops and tablets. You can be anywhere and earn real money from best poker apps.
  • Diverse games: If you play poker online, you will come across more variations than you would find in real casinos. The lack of space in real casinos limits variations.
  • Play multi-table: If you play online poker for real money, you are able to play more than one game at a time. Players who are consistent winners can play multi-table to increase their winnings.

Tax on Poker Winnings

In India, winnings from lottery and gambling such as poker are subject to tax payments. The grand total tax for poker winnings in India is 30.9%, with 30% TDS and 0.9% as Education cess tax. But your poker winning is taxable only when it’s above Rs 10,000 in one game.

When you play poker online, you get the winning amount with the tax already deducted. Therefore, you don’t need to pay other taxes after you receive the winning amount. However, get the TDS certificate from the online casinos in India when they deduct a TDS.

How Has the Online Poker Industry Grown and Future Prospects?

The online poker industry in India has progressed a lot over the past few years for entertainment and winning real money. According to statistics, the online poker industry is escalating at a rate of 35-40% annually. Some key reasons behind the popularity of the online poker industry are as follows:

  • New formats: The popularity of play poker online can be attributed to the constant improvements in the industry. The existing formats in the online poker industry are being improved with the introductions of new formats simultaneously.
  • Innovative features: When you play poker online, you will come across innovative features from time to time. For instance, the integration of the live audio-video chat feature has created more real-world opportunities for playing online poker.
  • Covid-19 pandemic: The stay-at-home orders due to the Covid-19 pandemic is also responsible for the popularity of online poker. People started playing online poker for real money as brick-and-mortar casinos were shut down to curb the pandemic.
  • Celebrity endorsement: The popularity of play poker online has been increased as the poker websites roped in celebrities to promote their brand. For instance, Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui has been signed by PokerBaazi as their brand ambassador. MS Dhoni has been roped in as the brand ambassador of PokerStars.

The online gaming industry in India is predicted to reach $7 billion by 2025. Online poker in India is currently in its golden phase and will improve further in the coming years.


The popularity of online poker makes it worth a try. You can find various leading platforms to play online poker for real money in India. If you are a beginner, you should be careful about choosing the best online poker website. You should also follow certain tips and tricks to ensure that you earn real cash, even as a beginner.


Updated on July 07, 2022


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