Bitcoin Bingo

Bingo, a world class game designed to be compelling as well as thrilling, has recently been on the top of Bitcoin casino games and this is everything you need to know about the recent trend.

What Is Bitcoin Bingo and How It Works

Bitcoin is a digital online currency which has recently been available to online casino players in only recent years. The advantages of gambling with Bitcoin has added to the currencies popularity and as a result, Bitcoin bingo has been a sensational hit amongst gamers in the gambling community. Want to know how it works?

Online casinos have adopted Bitcoin as a form of payment. But in order to use this payment solution you need to create a Bitcoin wallet online. You would head over to their site and follow the few simple prompts required to open an account and buy the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is available through services and there are a number for each country. Some of the information required may be different from one wallet to the next but they all require you to buy Bitcoin in order to buy or deposit with other vendors which accept the currency.

Once you have creates your wallet, you can move along to Bitcoin bingo sites and create an account there also. If you already have an account you simply need to choose Bitcoin as a deposit method the next time you feel the urge to get lucky and make a Bitcoin deposit. Another thing to remember is to check and see if your casino offers the payment service and if so, you are all set. The entire process takes a matter of minutes and there are so many exclusive points to factor in, all of which makes it well worth your time playing.

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Procedure to Play Bingo with Bitcoins:

  1. Registration:- To play Bingo with Bitcoin you need a bitcoin wallet like Coinbase and etc. in which you keep your bitcoins and it gives you a bitcoin address.
  2. Load your wallet:- After registration, you need to load the wallet with bitcoin and for this, you can buy bitcoins through bitcoin exchanges such as Coinbase, Bitstamp, BTC-E, and Bitfinex
  3. Choose a Bitcoin Casino:- Now choose a casino that accepts bitcoin as a deposit option and suits you. And fill your personal details here.
  4. Deposit bitcoins in the casino :- In this step, you need to load your bitcoin casino with bitcoins. For this, you go to the website of bitcoin casino and select the bitcoin method available in the payment methods there and enter your wallet details there.
  5. Now play:- Now you are able to play your favorite Bingo games, have good luck!!


90% Payout
Players can do very small deposits

Pros of Playing Bingo Games by Bitcoin

If you find yourself in the position of signing with an online casino offering this deposit method, you will be privy to the following perks.

Modern Online Casino Privileges

Being a Bitcoin casino means being a modern casino offering the latest games. Modern casinos have perks older ones don’t so in essence, seeing a Bitcoin casino means you are seeing a new trending one.


By depositing the crypto into your casino account rather than using your credit card, you are protecting highly sensitive details. There is no chance of any third party surveillance regarding your personal information. This has been a vast leap in technology allowing gamblers to benefit the most from anonymity.

Instant Access to Funds

Being a digitally based currency, designed with the power of the internet as its backbone, transferring or moving Bitcoin reaches its destination almost instantly. If an online casino offers to pay out in Bitcoin, the transaction may take slightly longer as players will need to verify their identity, but this is according to the casinos terms and conditions, be sure to check them out.


Being a great platform and powered by innovative thinking, the popularity of Bitcoin makes it high in demand which ultimately means you have access to a number of gaming options, all of which takes you to the best of bitcoin bingo.

Cons of Playing Bingo Games by Bitcoin

There are a small number of wrinkles that need ironing out when you are using an internet powered service. For example, the internet is filled with opportunists looking for a means of getting rich fast and if this means hacking your account so be it. For this reason, while Bitcoin eliminates the necessity of a credit card, the crypto itself is open for hackers to attempt to try to get into. There have been many security measures taken to avoid such a scenario in any event, assuring users they are protected.

Another disadvantage of Bitcoin casinos is that although the currency is vastly popular, not all existing ones offer it to their members. There have been many casinos which have upgraded their systems and added the popular platform, but unfortunately there are still a number left to follow suit.

Finally, the last issue that should be taken into consideration is that Bitcoin itself is volatile. The value of each coin is determined by its users. The coin could take a dive at any point or sky rocket at any given time. Being the owner of Bitcoin means you will have bought the crypto at a certain price but you may not be able to make a profit on it if you choose to sell or cash out. Over the past year, Bitcoin has only increased in value which shows its strength and it has once again managed to impress and rope in an abundance of new users.