Best Blackjack Sites

A number of avid casino players have become such enthusiasts all thanks to a very popular card game, blackjack. The 21 point card game has been the backbone of many popular casinos and remains at the top of the list of most played casino games. There are a number of attractive features, the most alluring being one of the easiest card games to play, find out more about 21 and get the scoop on why it’s such an important casino addition.

How to Choose Best Blackjack Online?

Online casino gaming offers a considerable amount of perks unlikely to be found at land based casino establishments. When throwing blackjack in the mix, the perks are doubled and players are treated to an entire new realm of gaming. Here are some of the interesting features of the best blackjack sites i.e. for your perusal.

  • Best Blackjack Bonus Offers

Some of the best bonus offers are available through blackjack casinos online. Land based casinos do not offer this feature, making it both a perk of online gaming and an attraction for blackjack players around every corner of the internet. The best bonus offers are the ones where the casino matches your initial deposit, doubling your money instantly. This allows you more to bet bigger and in turn beat the dealer and win bigger.

  • The Best Blackjack Variants

Blackjack is a relatively straightforward game that doesn’t require a skillset and isn’t based much on strategies. What it does require is a keen eye and a bankroll. There are a number of interesting variants to play and the best blackjack casinos will offer you this on a platter. There is the Vegas Strip variant, the Atlantic City variant, the regular variant and European blackjack. Before tiring of the game and moving onto another casino game entirely, you should check your favorite online casino for one of these games as they have the same standard rules and gameplay with an exception here and there.

  • The Best Return to Player and House Edge

The house keeps a percentage of your deposits made for the service it provides. The best blackjack casinos will take a minimal amount allowing you to spend more of your hard earned cash on the game you so totally adore.

  • Legality

You need to ensure that your casino of choice is registered, licensed and legal. The licensing number will be displayed at the footer of the site and will be through either Malta Gaming Authorities or the UK Gambling Commission. The logo or the number will be visible and if not, you can search for this info under the privacy policy.

  • Customer Support

Choosing a blackjack casino means you will be playing and more likely than not, you will be playing with real cash. The use of real cash means you will need a service to protect you and your money. The customer support of a blackjack online casino is very important if you encounter any issues. Check to see what means they use, whether it’s a chat service, email or phone and these should be accessible preferably around the clock, however working hours are just as good, as long as you can reach out for help.

How to Choose the Right Blackjack Sites ?

If you want all of the above there are a number of factors you need to feature in your selection of a blackjack casino that is legitimate, trendy and has the ability to hold your attention for the duration of its lifespan. If you look for the above qualities you will easily find the right casino, otherwise you can use alternative methods:

Reviews: Reviews are tried and tested points which have been explored, usually by expert players or seasoned casino gamers. By reading what other players have experienced you will know what the casino offers, what its pros are, what the cons are and what you should be looking to play while you visit. Blackjack online casinos can also easily be reviewed by you using the above criteria as a guideline.

Search Engines: A search engine such as Google or Yahoo can be used to bring up the most popular casino sites which is ideal for a quick play but essentially will still need to be reviewed. If you are signing up using free games and no deposit is required, this is the ideal method to use. If however, you are looking for a long term solution and wan to sign up with a reliable blackjack casino, review it after finding it using your search engine.

Casino Forums: If you aren’t familiar with casino forums, you soon will be as they work as blackjack player’s best friends. Here is where players discuss new casinos, upcoming casinos and the current trending blackjack casinos. Casino forums shed light on the pros and cons of a blackjack site and steer you in the right direction through educated experience of other players such as yourself.

The best blackjack sites are waiting to be explored and have so much to offer you. Play blackjack online and enjoy the numerous benefits of online gambling.

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New Blackjack Sites

New casino sites are always interesting to explore as they are completely different to what we are accustomed to. It’s the beginning of a new relationship, when you look at it gives you butterflies and becomes love at first blackjack site. This is what you need to know about new blackjack sites.

Why Play at New Blackjack Sites?

There are so many reasons why you should walk outside of your comfort zone and explore new blackjack sites. For one thing you might be offered deal hard to refuse.

  • Signing Up

More often than not the sign up bonus offers of a new blackjack casino will outshine the regular ongoing promotions you might be offered by your preexisting casino. Check new sites for these bonus deals.

  • Tech Up

Another benefit of a new casino site is the technology used to power these casinos. Newer casinos offer better quality graphics, unless of course the casino is a renowned one that keeps its software updated. New casinos offer high definition casino games, live dealer blackjack games and an impressive user interface that makes it easy to navigate through the site.

  • Variety

Blackjack variety can be found at new sites. While one casino may offer Vegas Strip blackjack, another may offer European blackjack. Having access to a number of different blackjack games gives you a wider berth to explore and more potential to win big. 

  • House Edge

One of the biggest benefits of new blackjack sites is their lower house edge. By exploring around the internet you may stumble upon a casino with a good return to player percentage and who knows, if you hit it 21, you may just get the payday you have been looking for.

Where to Find New Blackjack Sites?

If you are looking for a new blackjack casino, you have taken good advice and now you are on the road to discovery. You can locate new casinos quite easily if you use one of the following methods:

  • Reviews

You can review sites yourself of you can save time and read the reviews of other players. Be sure the reviews are from notorious sites as many fraudulent online casinos can have writers create what they want the public to think. Thankfully there are a number of legitimate reviews written on most new casinos.

  • Google

Google will being up whatever you search for, so if you utilize this online tool to locate new 21 card game sites, you will most definitely locate the best new blackjack games from trending casinos.

  • Casino Talk Platforms

Casino forums are social pages where players with similar tastes and interests meet and discuss strategies, games and…new casinos. As you can see, these are incredibly enlightening as you can ask questions, have them answered and discover a whole new realm of online gaming through new casinos.

  • Social Media Platforms

Follow casino gaming pages like Malta, Microgaming and the like. Chances are press releases will hit here first, alerting all followers to the launch of a new casino or a new blackjack game. Social media platforms also alert you to new games which can be rewarding, especially with preexisting online casinos with great reputations.

How to Review New Blackjack Sites

If you want to play at the best sites but you also don’t know how to go about selecting the real promising ones and eliminating the fake ones or ones bound to fail. Here are the factors players regard when choosing a legitimate new site to sign up with.

  • Licensing

In order for a casino to be allowed to operate, they need to procure a licensing through gambling authorities. You can see if a casino is a legitimate by seeking the licensing stamp of approval, usually visible at the bottom of the site.

  • Gaming Brands

Massive software gaming brands are exclusively available from great new and authentic online casinos. Seek out big gaming brands to validate the authenticity of the casinos and its gaming variety.

  • Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Review the casinos deposit and withdrawal methods to find out if the turnaround times fit your preference. The faster the method the faster you get access to both your funds and winnings. eWallets and brands like Visa and MasterCard only work with legitimate casinos, ensuring the safety of your money and sensitive data.

  • Customer Service

The customer care or the client’s support of the casino also features massively in both the authenticity of the site and the experience you will face. Check to see if the site offers around the clock help via email, contact forms, telephone numbers and live chat. Check the hours, seek advice and test the service offered.

  • Security

The security of the site matters as you will be playing with real money and along with real money comes sensitive data. Unfortunately the internet is breeding grounds for hackers and fraudsters. Make sure that the new casino you are interested in offers only the best SSL encryption technology.

Theprivacy policy of the casino reveals which technology is being used by the casino to keep your personal account details private as well as protect the casinos best interest. Use this section of the casino to validate whether or not the casino is worth signing up to.

The best new blackjack casinos are simply waiting for new players to sign up and they offer the best deals, blackjack games, latest tech and so much more. Sign up today and discover these qualities for yourself.