Bitcoin Blackjack

Bitcoin gaming has been an internet sensation, especially within the community of online casino players thriving on the rewards of this. The combination of blackjack and Bitcoin go naturally hand in hand and if asked why Bitcoin and blackjack, many would say the benefits are endless. Checking out the benefits may help impact your choice of online gaming.

What is Bitcoin Blackjack and How It Works

Bitcoin is a form of payment which is used in its own currency. Basically, if you are a fan of blackjack, Bitcoin is what is used to play with in order to win more. Blackjack, the 21 point card game, is amongst the most played casino games at both land based and online casinos. Being accessible in the cryptocurrency has only fuelled the popularity of both Bitcoin and blackjack.

If you think this might be something to interest you, you need to understand how Bitcoin blackjack works. When you sign with an online casino you will be required to create a players account. This is a series of information regarding your name, age and then banking details. When choosing a deposit or withdrawal make sure your casino of choice is a Bitcoin one. When cashing out or making deposits opt for the Bitcoin option.

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Now in order to access the Bitcoin payment or withdrawal option, you will need to set up a wallet where you can buy the cryptocurrency. This can be done through the Bitcoin site where you simply follow the simple steps.

Steps to Play Blackjack with Bitcoins:

  1. Register on Bitcoin Wallet:- To play bitcoin with blackjack, you have to register on any bitcoin wallet like, coinbase, etc. It gives you a bitcoin address and also holds your bitcoin.
  2. Load Wallet with bitcoins:- After that, you need to load Bitcoin Wallet with Bitcoin and you can buy Coinbase, Bitstamp, BTC-E, and Bitfinex with Bitcoin Exchange.
  3. Choose a Bitcoin Casino:- Now choose a casino that accepts bitcoin as a deposit option and suits you. And fill your personal details here.
  4. Deposit some bitcoins in the casino :- Now deposit some bitcoins at Bitcoin Casino. For this go to your bitcoin website and select bitcoin from the payment options available there and fill in your wallet details.
  5. Ready to Play:- Now you are ready to play your favorite blackjack game. good luck !!


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Pros of Playing Blackjack Games by Bitcoin

As one can imagine, combining the two most potentially powerful factors of online gaming, there are bound to be some pros. If you need to find a reason to choose Bitcoin gaming, you can take a look at some of the perks of Bitcoin blackjack.

  • Anonymity

One of the greatest perks of usingBitcoinat online casinos to play blackjack is that Bitcoin is decentralized as a currency. It is monitored by any governing bodies. When you use the crypto, especially for casino deposits, you aren’t putting yourself in danger by exposing yourself through your banking details. Bitcoin is anonymous, keeping your banking details private, safe and secure.

  • Instant Turnaround

When we make deposits at real cash casinos the time for the cash to reflect in either the casinos account or your personal account depending on the bank or the service you are using. With Bitcoin, being an internet based currency, all transactions are almost immediate. This is fantastic for players eager to get started.

  • Cheaper

Banks and eWallets all charge a fee to utilize their services, Bitcoin is cheaper than most. Any Bitcoin buyer will tell you that the services are indeed cheaper. Although the service charges of other services are minimal, Bitcoin allows players more currency to use to play blackjack.

The Cons of Playing Blackjack Games by Bitcoin

There are some cons that players, may or may not, encounter during the course of their gaming career. Some of these cons can be avoided but it really depends on the casino you have choose. Check out some of these cons to better prepare yourself.

  • Limited Bitcoin Casinos

Unfortunately not every casino offers Bitcoin gaming. If you are looking for a specific Bitcoin casino, you may not find it. Blackjack however, this casino game is so widely popular that you will in all likelihood find exactly what you are limited for.

  • Volatile

The value of Bitcoin can change at any moment which could affect the value negatively. This may affect the value of the currency but it won’t directly affect your casino account. Although the value may be affected, the popularity and amount of online Bitcoin users act as a safety net and should ensure the currency will recover.

  • Hackers

Being an internet currency means that hackers have access to it, just like anything else on the internet. Although Bitcoin has taken every step necessary to avoid third party surveillance, there is still always a slim chance the currency can be hacked, however unlikely.