Amazing fun facts on casinos

Casinos have been in existence for a long time, from brick and mortar casinos to today’s predominantly online casinos. In that time, many amazing and fun facts have been raised surrounding casinos themselves and the games that they offer.

We have gathered a list of some of these ridiculously funny and amazing facts on casinos.

The 666 Roulette game               

Nowadays, we all love playing our live online roulette in best online casino freely but in days gone by, many people were condemned even chastised by family and friends  if they were found playing roulette. The reason simply because if one adds all the numbers on the big wheel, they add up to 666, which is associated with Lucifer’s symbol from Biblical references. They even went on to term roulette the Devil’s wheel and the Devil’s game it is not very complicated to find a safe online casino real money.

The King Cards

So you thought the cartoonish kings on casino cards were just an imagination and just that, cartoons, will you were wrong. The cartoonish kings on casino cards represent some of the world’s popular kings. King of diamonds represents Augustus Caesar, King of Rome. King of clubs represents Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia. King for the hearts represents Charlemagne, the French King while the King of spades represents David, King of Israel.

Blue-chip corporations

If you are into business or just a wide reader, you must know that blue-chip corporations are the credible and well-established companies. They borrowed the term ‘blue chip’ from casino chips. Casino chips come in different colours including red, white and blue with blue being the most valuable.

No gambling for Monaco citizens

The dream paradise for a gambler is the Monte Carlo Casino. However, despite it being the gambling paradise, residents of the host city cannot enjoy the paradise in their backyard as they are prohibited from gambling. Princess Caroline in the 1800s banned Monaco citizens from gambling, a law that still stands to this day. On the bright side,however, Monaco citizens are the only people who do not pay tax to their government.

It’s possible to ban yourself

Well, some of us just cannot get enough of the casino despite how hard they try. There is one solution however, you may not have known but that works perfectly if you are serious i.e. voluntary exclusion. It’s possible to ban yourself from stepping foot inside a casino floor in any of the US states. Once you submit your name to the voluntary exclusion program, make sure you abide by it because if you break it, your self-imposed ban can lead you to imprisonment for a maximum of 10 years!