How to pick winning numbers

Regardless of which lotto you decide to play, you will find that the jackpot money at all times is a ridiculous figure that will instantly make you a millionaire. It is this that makes some shun lotto, as they believe no one has the capability of winning it and it is the same thing that attracts people to play lotto, as they believe lady luck might just influence their decisions when picking the numbers. No matter which side you fall on, it’s always a good feeling to win something and better so if you win big like in a lotto. This is why we share with you the tips that might help you get better at picking numbers giving you a higher probability of winning such as someone playing skill-based casino games.

Before deciding to buy online lottery ticket or place bates on popular lottery results, you have to choose a trusted website. For which many online lottery applications are available.

Picking commonly drawn nsumbers

When it comes to lotto, you shouldn’t discredit the commonly picked up numbers. You do not necessarily have to pick only commonly drawn numbers on your ticket but it’s advisable to pick two or three as that way ensures you have a better chance of hitting at least three correct numbers. You can always visit lotto sites to buy lottery tickets online and to see which numbers are commonly picked.

Birthday’s charm            

Some research done by the lotto society in the UK showed that at least 40 percent of people who hit lotto jackpots do so after including their family’s or friend’s birthday. So next time when trying your luck, do ask your family members and friends their birthdays and be sure to pick them on your ticket.

Consider overdue numbers

Besides opting for commonly drawn numbers, you can go for overdue numbers or better still, you can go for a mixture of both commonly drawn numbers and overdue numbers. You can visit the lotto site you want to play to get information on overdue numbers.

Consider previous winning tickets

An analysis done by the Swiss lottery showed that the majority of winners (not necessarily those who hit all six numbers) do so by picking numbers on previous winning tickets. If you have a relative who used to play lotto back in the day and his/her tickets are still available, try your luck by picking the same exact numbers on the tickets, you might just hit the jackpot, well at least according to Swiss mythology.

Use of science

Another way you can increase your chances of winning the lottery is by using science. One of the most popular scientific way of picking lotto numbers is through wheeling. Wheeling involves buying many tickets and instead of using six numbers across these tickets you use seven. You can also opt for the many auto predicting software’s available on the internet today. Some experts say that prediction software’s are becoming better and better and with time, more people will be able to win using the prediction software. With the probability that we will soon find a lotto winner inspired by the prediction software, trying it out wouldn’t be a bad idea as you can become the first person to do so.