Pai Gow Poker Strategy

Pai gow poker is an amazing and unique poker variant that can be extremely interesting if the player knows how to play it well. Usually, one of the most important things when playing pai gow poker is to know what the house way of playing the cards is, because this gives you a chance to predict the possible outcomes of the game.

However, pai gow is much more complicated than simply knowing the house way. A player must know the rules, the possible combinations and the strongest hands. It is a game of both luck and skill shown on almost any best online poker website. Therefore, players should be well prepared for the pai gow poker table.


Different Types of Optimal Playing Strategies

Often, players find more than one optimal playing strategy for pai gow poker; the reason is quite simple – there are several types of strategies designed to suit the needs of different types of players to play poker online. Therefore, you can expect a dealer banker strategy, a player banker strategy as well as a single strategy. Moreover, these can be categorised according to their complexity level, thus offering simple, intermediate or advanced advice. In the following sections you will find easily comprehensive playing strategies related to the cards in players’ hand.


Straight or Flush Possible Playing Strategy

If the player gets seven cards that open the possibility for straight or a flush, these are some moves that the player should have in mind: if there is four of a kind, a pair of Aces should go in the low hand. If the player has three of a kind and a pair, the pair should go in the low hand; if there is no pair, the straight/flush should be kept in the high hand no matter what. Regardless of the other cards, the straight or the flush should not be divided.


No Straight or Flush Possible Playing Strategy

In a situation where the player does not have a straight or flush in his seven cards, here are few suggestions how to play the hands. If they get three pairs, the highest pair should go to the low hand. One pair should result in best low hand, whereas five Aces should be split and form a pair of Aces low hand. Four twos, threes and fours are never split, whereas four Queens, Kings and Aces should always be split. In case the player receives three of a kind plus two or one pair, the best highest pair should be placed in the low hand.


Form both Strong Low and High Hands

The player should never forget that the winner is the one to win the both comparisons. If not to win the game, strong low hand can push the bet and gain the player another try to beat the dealer. That is why it is important to try and make the best of your seven cards and form both strong low and high hands. If you can divide pairs or split four of a kind – do it! You should never concentrate only on one of the hands and forget about the other.