Types of Jobs in Online Gaming

Perhaps you’ve heard that the online gaming field is expanding at a rapid rate, with the annual industry revenue projected to be over $87 billion by 2024. So, you might be thinking – this is a booming sector, how do I get in, and what’s available?

Well, if you do a quick search, you’ll be staggered by the number of online casinos that are on offer. If you sign up for one, you’ll have to gasp for a second time when you come across the wide selection of games, as hundreds of slots are available and new ones come out each week.

Much like land-based casinos, slots are the bread and butter of their digital equivalents and account for the biggest chunk of the industry’s revenue, by far. Not only is their sheer volume astounding, so are the perks that they offer, with one of those perks being a huge variety of games. Due to the fact that online slots are simple to play and come in numerous variations, they are the most popular category and hence, people are more than willing to try the online casino real money.

So, if you’re looking to get into the game, so to speak, search for the best online casino you can find online, give it a good once over and try to figure out how you can fit in. Here, we’ll help.

Game Developer

Games don’t grow on trees; someone has to make them. Duh. And while this job is the most lucrative, it also requires the highest level of skill, coding.Experience is especially valuable, given that opportunities have tightened up in recent years, and the best way of getting your foot through the door is to show what you’re made of.


Quality Assurance Specialistis a fancier title. Sure, someone makes the game, but someone else has to make sure that it works right, detect bugs, glitches, and artistic flaws. While this might appear easy, playing games for eight hours straight will tire out even an enthusiastic twelve-year-old. Even more so when you have to be super detail-oriented.


You always need creatives. Here, they come up with and paint the characters, do the graphics, and are responsible for the whole visual presentation. Artist is a bit of a broad term, as this might mean graphic designer, character designer, animator, matte painter and so on. But, wait. Aren’t musicians’ artists too? Yes. And, they need those as well. Someone has to do the soundtrack.

Customer Support

Probably one of the best jobs you can do from home. An online casino provides gambling services, and like with all businesses that are in the service industry, good customer support is paramount. However, before getting into this adventure, you should know that while this job may seemlike a piece of cake, it takes a lot of patience and perseverance. I don’t know if you’re aware, people can be difficult.

Marketing Specialist

Services need customers and you get those through advertising. But, here comes a snag, gambling is allowed limited advertising ability. So, specialists in this field have to get creative and use different methods to promote their business, like, email, social media, and affiliate marketing, as well as CRM systems.