Understand how online casino bonuses work

When you visit an online casino, you are likely to be overwhelmed by promotional offers and bonuses that the casino offers you once you join. For first-timers, it’s very hard to decipher what all these promotional offers and bonuses mean. If you find yourself in such a situation, worry no more as this article is going to explain what most of these bonuses are and how they function.

No-deposit bonus

The no-deposit bonus can also be loosely called a welcome bonus. Though it is indeed a welcome bonus, there are also other welcome bonuses which aren’t no-deposit bonuses. A no-deposit bonus is very easy to get and often requires no action on your part to activate it. This is because once you finish your registration the bonus automatically reflects in your account. However, you may need to activate the no-deposit bonus at no deposit bonus casino by verifying the email account you used in opening your account. This is all simple for someone with basic internet knowledge. The tricky part of a no-deposit bonus comes during the withdrawing stage. If you wager with the no-deposit bonus and win, at most best online casino, you will not be able to immediately withdraw the winnings. This is due to the wagering requirements set by the casino which stipulate that you have to wager with real cash you deposit yourself for a number of times before you are able to withdraw the no-deposit bonus. There are,however, some online casinos which no longer have wagering requirements meaning you are able to withdraw your no-deposit bonus and winnings as soon as you win even without depositing first.

Match bonus

A match bonus is another form of a welcome bonus offered to new players at cricket betting sites. Rather than getting free money once you finish registration as with the no-deposit bonus, here you receive free money equivalent to the amount you deposit. For instance, if an online casino stipulates that it offers a 100 percent match bonus of up to $200, it means that when you deposit $200, you receive an additional $200 in free money courtesy of the casino. Just like the no-deposit bonus, the match bonus comes with wagering requirements meaning you can only claim or withdraw the free money after wagering for a certain number of times.

Free spins bonus

Another welcome bonus is the free spins bonus. This bonus is only available to certain games meaning when you get it, you can only claim it if you are going to play those games. Free spins bonus largely work with select online slots at an online casino. If you get 20 free spins, it means you can spin the reels on 20 occasions before you start using your own money. Winning via free spins also subject you to the wagering requirements meaning you have to wait for some time before claiming your money.

Loyalty bonus

While all of the above pertains to first-timers at an online casino, online casinos also do reward in some instances handsomely regular players via loyalty bonuses like free online lottery. Loyalty bonuses differ from casino to casino, some start rewarding from 3 months while others reward players who play consecutively for a short time as 5 days in a row. The rewards for a loyalty bonus can range from getting free spins to getting free money for wagering.