Why Online Casinos are Better than Land-Based Casinos?

In the last few years, online casinos have had a massive spike in popularity. They are on their way to becoming market leaders in the gambling industry. In 2019, online casinos were responsible for a fifth of the total revenue made by gambling facilities combined. Experts believe that that number is set to double in the next 2 or 3 years.

To achieve this milestone, best online casino needed to offer something unique and revolutionizing to the market as a way to attract players on their sites. Since the traditional way of gambling was embedded in many cultures, this was a difficult task. Nevertheless, they managed to do it and we are here to elaborate just how they pulled it off. Every casino has tons of games that will give you a unique experience, but we wanted to dive into the details and explain some of the more unknown facts. Let’s check them out.


Online casinos are available at any time and place. You can enjoy their games at the comfort of your home, while travelling, or when you are taking a break from work. All you need is a stable Internet connection. The registration process lasts a minute. The only exceptions here are the countries that have deemed online gambling as illegal, but this activity often falls under their law’s grey area, which is why people have access to the sites by using a VPN.


Unlike land-based casinos, online casinos are known for rewarding their players in any way possible. First off, the payout percentages are far better at casino sites; they are around 80%, while land-based casinos have a 60% payout percentage. Next, online casinos reward and online casino real money and loyal players by having Welcome Bonuses and Loyalty Programs. Aside from those, online casinos also host regular promotions; some of them are daily, some of them weekly. Numerous tournaments with excellent prize pools are also organized.

Security and Fair Play

One of the most important features that online casinos have are security and fair play. Artificial intelligence is in charge of both of these elements. SSL-encryptions keep the sites safe by taking all private data from the players and turning it into unbreakable code. On the other side, Random Number Generators create random outcomes of every game, giving each player an equal chance of winning. To add to that, players register under aliases, which means that they have anonymity.

Exciting Activity at Times Like These

At times like these, when we are forced to stay at home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it can be hard to find something exciting to do at home. Luckily for you, online casinos have the perfect answer. The games can provide you with an escape and give you the chance to win some handsome rewards.Who knows, you might end up having a lucky day and win a progressive jackpot or a game of Texas Hold’Em.