Mobile Bingo Sites and Apps

While bingo has been a land based attraction for a number of decades, it has taken the shine of being available on a wholly refreshing platform, mobile gaming. Online gaming was the stepping stone gamers needed to access one of the most legendary number matching games in the history. With that being said, you may want to unlock the world of bingo gaming from your phone. If you do, follow suit and read this.

Requirements for Playing Bingo on Mobile and How to Play on Mobile

The brilliance behind mobile gaming is the simplicity of it all. Gone are the days gamers needed to wait hours for their servers to connect to the internet, only then to have to wait longer to download programs simply to play a hot and happening game, which we might add, only became known much later if you were out of the circle or not actively checking in on trends. Now all you need are two things. The internet and a mobile device.

Firstly you will need a mobile device which has internet connectivity, to connect to the best bingo mobile apps designed for the gamer on the go. The question is, have you got a mobile device that has the kind of functionality required to power high resolution graphics, interactive game play and highly communicative bingo apps.

The second, in a modern age and all, you will need internet connectivity which can be accessed from the internal settings of your mobile or from any one of the hundred Wi-Fi hotspots in your area. The best thing about modern gaming is that our day and age caters for it, so you shouldn’t encounter any issues in the interim for lack of data.

90% Payout
Players can do very small deposits

Pros of Playing Bingo Games on Mobile

Remember the days you would need to frequent your local establishment to enjoy one of the most enthusiastic yet seriously driven number games in the entire universe. Well it may not have seemed lie much of a sacrifice then, but in today’s modern life, driving miles to play one of the world’s most notorious games, just seems like an effort, especially after you know all about the pros of mobile bingo sites.

  • Instant Access to Fun

Bingo is madness fuelled by monetary rewards for being as crazy as the numbers formed on a winning card. This gives us a reason to believe mobile bingo sites are the portal needed to gain entry to the best fun filled sites to date.

  • Rewards Exclusive to Mobile Gaming

Unlike land based or desktop gaming, mobile bingo apps deliver something extraordinarily unique. Players are able to access deals, promotions and sign up bonuses which have been tailored for them exclusively. While mobile gaming may have its limitations, it also has its perks for gamers with limitations.

  • Playing in the Modern World

Modern gaming means mobile gaming and while we are in the modern world, we are also on the move all the time. Having access to bingo apps grants you the ability to hit the game up whenever the mood strikes no matter where you are in the world, so long as you have your mobile with you.

Cons of Playing Bingo Games on Mobile

While we love to hear the good it’s also obvious the good comes with the bad and as a result you will come to know the cons of mobile gaming. Here are some of the negative points you may encounter while playing bingo apps.

  • Disconnection

You may be disconnected unexpectedly if you run out of data which can happen on the phone. You can avoid this by connecting to your Wi-Fi or checking to see if you have enough data before signing into your account. The problem with being disconnected is that if you have any money on a game, you are likely to lose this as well as the numbers you bet on.

  • Limitations

Mobile gaming does indeed have its limitations. Unfortunately some online casinos do not have a mobile platform or even offer apps for that matter. Usually the more modern online casinos allow players access to their games via their mobile browser while the larger ones have applications through which you can access bingo. The problem with many mobile apps is that they don’t offer all the games you may find at their desktop version of the casino. Their variety would still be generous but limited nonetheless.

Top 5 Bingo Apps

While you are looking into the pros and cons of mobile gaming, you may want to test these out for yourself. To kick your mobile player’s career off take a look at the top rated 5 bingo games available for smartphones.

Bingo Gem Rush: What makes Bingo Gem Rush so thrilling, apart from it being unique, is that friends can play unlimited games for free. This is especially great if you are a first time player and want to explore all the various opportunities the game holds, before making your way to the casino lobbies and dropping real cash.

Bingo Blitz: Rated as one of the top trending apps for both Android and iPhone users, Bingo Blitz is one of the first apps you will want to look into. The app offers daily bonuses, mega gifts and rewards.

Monopoly Bingo: As one can imagine, Monopoly Bingo is pretty much as the name suggests. Collect coins, community chests, extra boosts and loads more to keep you coming back for more. The free app offers in app purchases.

Bing Pop: Enjoy a uniquely designed bingo game with a twist. Here is where exclusivity meets popularity. The classic game offers a number of features which has landed it amongst the top 5 apps.

Bingo Party: The app offers more than 30 bingo rooms and a whole lot of fun.