Bitcoin Roulette

When it comes to online gambling the modern world has adopted numerous currency acceptance methods, but Bitcoin is by far one of the most popular methods. We take a look into why this is and its effects on the gaming realm of roulette.

What is Bitcoin Roulette and How It Works?

Bitcoin roulette is a form of gambling accepted worldwide across the internet. Bitcoin itself is a currency adopted mostly by modern casinos and in some cases casinos are exclusively built to accommodate Bitcoin users. Roulette is amongst the most played casino games, one of the most popular in fact, and the combination of Bitcoin and roulette is a potent one. The popularity of this particularly played game has managed to spread across the web faster than imaginable and now players who are seeing it are wondering what Bitcoin roulette is and how it works.



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In order to access Bitcoins you will need to follow these steps:

  • Creating a Bitcoin Wallet

You will need to create a Bitcoin wallet or something akin to an account where you are able to purchase Bitcoins. This means you will need to give a few personal details which does include your credit card details.

  • Following The Bitcoin Roulette Casino Prompts

Really creating a Bitcoin account at a Bitcoin casino is as simple as three easy steps; signing up, opting to create an account and then following the steps to checking out. The best online casino prompts are self-explanatory and are completed within seconds.

Procedure to Play Roulette with Bitcoins:

  1. Registration:- To play Roulette with Bitcoin you need a bitcoin wallet like Coinbase and etc. in which you keep your bitcoins and it gives you a bitcoin address.
  2. Load your wallet:- After registration, you need to load the wallet with bitcoin and for this, you can buy bitcoins through bitcoin exchanges such as Coinbase, Bitstamp, BTC-E, and Bitfinex.
  3. Choose Bitcoin Casino:- After that choose a bitcoin casino that accepts bitcoins as deposit payment options and suits you. Here you have to fill your personal details.
  4. Deposit bitcoin in the casino :- In this step, you need to load your bitcoin casino with bitcoins. For this, you go to the website of bitcoin casino and select the bitcoin method available in the payment methods there and enter your wallet details there.
  5. Now play:- Now you are able to play your favorite roulette game, have good luck!!



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Pros of Playing Roulette Games by Bitcoin

Bitcoin is most probably one of the most proactive modern way of gaming and as a result there are a number of perks. Take a look at what some of these are and enjoy the new revolutionary way of online gambling.

  • Decentralized

Being a decentralized currency means that there are no governing bodies monitoring the use of the currency. It is completely anonymous and the untraceable transactions made using Bitcoin discourages criminal activity from fraudsters.

  • Less Charges

Unlike bank transfers or eWallet payments, there are cheaper charges to deposits and withdrawals made. Banks charge a service fee for the process it uses to deliver the funds from one account to the other. Although Bitcoin also requires a service fee to process these transactions, the fee is smaller than that of banks.

  • Instant Access to Funds

Bitcoin is instantly accessible as the currency is internet based. Gone are the days you had to wait hours or even days for funds to reflect in your account. Now you have instant access to your funds which allows you to play the best Bitcoin roulette games immediately. Instant access to funds allows you the opportunity to win Bitcoins immediately, by far the best feature of the cryptocurrency.

The Cons of Playing Roulette Games by Bitcoin

Unfortunately the internet isn’t the safest place to leave your details, but then again neither is your wallet. Just like anything else in the world, there will always be a downside. Luckily we are evolving into a more modernized future and through the evolution of online tech, cons can be perfected and are in the process of being ironed out. Here are some of the limitations you may experience as a Bitcoin user.

  • Limited Gaming Options

Not all online casinos have conformed to modern thinking or some are still in their infancy. This may lead to fewer online casinos offering roulette enthusiasts the option of playing in Bitcoin currency.

  • Volatility

Bitcoin is a volatile currency which is affected by stock markets, users and so forth. This could drop the value of the currency at any point. The market was affected in 2018 when Bitcoin took a dive, this doesn’t affect your casino account but it does affect the creation of additional Bitcoin games and online casinos.

  • Modern Thinking

Not many are familiar with new online tech and so there may be delays in new upcoming Bitcoin casinos as time will fuel its popularity. This is already changing however and players are becoming more familiar with the currency.