Best Slot Sites

Both land based casinos and online casinos offer one of the most popular attractions, video slots games. Players needn’t have any skill or know any kind of strategy in order to win. All you need to do is land winning combinations to unlock bonus games and cash prizes. The more you bet, the bigger your cash payouts. Spin the reels to win with slots.

How to Choose the Right Slots Sites ?

Choosing the best slot sites can be an easy enough task if you know what you are looking for. Unfortunately not all slots sites offer the best quality video slots games. There are a number of features to look out for and thanks to a wide variety of these popular games, you can play the best games at top slot sites i.e. without any hassle whatsoever. This is how you can choose the best slot sites off the bat.

Choosing the Slot Format

Video slots have been designed with a number of reels and paylines. The classic video slots games are designed with 3 reels and are simple in nature. If you are new to video slots gaming this would be the ideal choice as they are considerably lower in terms of risk and coin size investment. All that is required is the simple pull of the handle or selecting the ‘spin’ option to get the game going and await the rewards which are bound to eventually come your way.

Another popular variant of video slots gaming are the five reeled slots. The two additional reels allows for more wining combinations as there are more paylines, symbols and winningcombinations. Slightly more complex than the three reeled video slots, these are modernised but still as easy to play as the classic video slots games. Bigger payouts come with higher risks, but the variety of themes you can choose from adds excitement to the game as there are various bonuses which opens a whole new realm of gaming possibilities. A new addition is something known as ‘cascading reels’ where icons fill the reels in rows and columns to form winning combinations which disappear when formed to create new groupings.

Variance – High, Medium or Low

Another, more complex, criterion for choosing the best slot sites is seeing whether or not the site offers a number of low to high variance slots games. Top slot sites will deliver low, medium and high variance slots which determines the percentage the game pays out. High variance video slots games requires patience and usually a higher bankroll as they take longer to payout, but when they do they pay out substantial sums of money. Low variance video slots pay out more frequently but lower amounts of cash and are generally more affordable.

Coin Sizes

Look at the different coin requirements. Some video slots coin sizes are adjustable while others are fixed. Depending on the coin sizes required to activate the game, the payouts will be distributed accordingly. The higher the coin value, the bigger the pay outs. While betting large is great for a winning combinations, beginner players usually stick to smaller wagers until they feel more comfortable with adjusting the bet to maximum.

Progressive vs. Non Progressive

Like the variance of video slots, the best sites will also deliver an option of progressive slots and non-progressives. The difference here is that non progressive slots pay out smaller winnings than non-progressives and usually require minimal cash deposits. These are regarded as the lower variance slots. Progressives on the other hand, they pay out vastly larger sums of cash, millions in some instances and are regarded as high variance video slots.


As mentioned above, there are thousands of video slots to choose from and the top sites will offer you a wide variety of themes. Themes are what determine the quality of the gamers experience as they are produced with relevant bonus rounds. Bonus rounds are exactly as the name suggests, bonus games which open on the screen and unlock ‘mystery’ levels with more rewarding winning combinations. Each video slot is designed with a theme. Whether its horror, fantasy, movie or book related, you should be able to choose from a massive selection on a great video slots site.

Gaming Software Developers

Slots enthusiasts usually have a preference when it comes to selecting the perfect game, this is based on the gaming software developers. Some are more renowned than others and players can immediately determine which are better than others. Massive brands including names like Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt and IGT are only some of the favoured brands. Trending slot sites deliver all of these and more.

When looking for the ideal video slots site the most important thing to remember is variety. Variety allows you to explore all of these different options and determine which video slots site is best suited to you.

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Why Play at a New Slot Site?

Whether you are looking for variety or you are bored with the same old games days in and day out, playing at a new slot site has its advantages which you could benefit from. Some of the below mentioned is what you have to look forward to, while other new online casinos offer multiple perks as mentioned below.

  • Welcome Offers

One of the most popular attractions of online gambling is probably the welcome offers. It is also the main reason players are continuously checking out new slot sites. Welcome or sign up deals are more generous than promotional discounts and deals combined, they are ideal for signing up with new sites as they allow you the freedom to explore the casino without tucking too deep into your wallet.

  • Cool Perks

Modern times call for modern perks and nobody can outdo online casinos. Modern online casinos are rather cool in terms of designs, development and technology. Accessible through mobile devices, many of the new online casino developments have been deployed for mobile users to easily gain access which is a rather cool feature. Other innovative features have been designed into the framework of these casinos, so enjoy these cool perks upon signing up and even through the remainder of your membership.

  • A Personal Touch

Online casinos, especially the newer ones, have been designed with you in mind. These casinos are focused on delivering the best service based on your experience. Customer service is tailored to reach out and connect with you in a way land based casinos could never. This personal touch is what makes online gaming so incredibly unique.

  • Staying Ahead of the Game

New sites offer new developments and features. By staying ahead of the game and signing with new online casinos you have front row seats to the best of online gaming.

Where to Find the Best New Slot Sites?

Search Engines: Wondering where to go from here? Look no further than Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Although loads of older online casinos appear in these searches, it’s a good place to start and get recommended results.

New Reviews: New slot reviews will deliver professional opinionated user experience which is what you couldbase your judgment upon. These are educated reviews knowing what to look for and how users are going to react to features, bonuses and additional perks. From a list of reviews you can easily see which new slot sites fit your criteria and make an informed decision based on this.

Follow Gaming Software Developers Online: Social platforms deliver the most accurate information necessary to choose a reliable and new video slot site. Via their websites or social pages you can follow the latest gaming releases what they are about, view videos of them and get all the information necessary to choose your new site.

Understanding How To Review Slot Sites?

Even seasoned gamblers need a helping hand when determining which sites to go with. This is mainly due to information overload and knowing what to look for and where to find it. It can also be a time consuming task, one that isn’t pleasurable. If you want to better understand how you can determine which sites are the best for you, check out some of the factors you need to take into consideration to become talented in the art of selection.

Go with your Gut                          

Judgment calls are absolutely necessary. Some sites, simply put, have bad juju and you can pick it up on. The more you scour the internet in search of what you are looking for, the better your judgment calls. Some pointers, check out the banners and the content of the site, if it looks and sounds good chances are it will be. If not, avoid it and move onto the next one. The bottom line is that our human intuition will guide us when we have no experience in determining the real from the fake.

Online Casino Licensing

One of the best ways to determine the authenticity of a new online casino site is to seek out the licensing number or any proof of registration through Malta or the UK Gambling Commission. Another pointer, scroll to the footer of the page and look for the licensing number there or alternatively, look for the licensing logo. This should get easier the more you review online casinos.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

While it is important to withdraw your winnings, it is just as important as to have a great turnaround time when it comes to deposits. The deposit methods, as well as the withdrawal methods, should be visibly displayed with the amount of time it takes for each transaction. eWallets have faster turnaround times than cheques, which usually takes a number of days. The faster the time for a transaction to clear, the faster you can get playing and access your funds.

Customer Service

This may be one of the most important features of a new online slot site as any issues are addressed through this channel. The customer support quality depends on the various channels you are able to connect with a representative. The best new sites offer a number of various communications including a 24/7 chat service, email options, telephonic communications and a query form. Not all new sites offer all of the above, however more than one option is generally a good sign. Should you encounter any issues or have problems trying to deposit or withdraw cash, this would work as your lifeline and the issue can be resolved in a speedy fashion.

Welcome Bonuses

Once you have selected a new site which fits the description of a legitimate and trustworthy one, your next obstacle to tackle are the welcome bonus offers as well as on going promotional deals. This puts you in an advantageous position as you are kicking off your gaming career with additional money, discounted rates and or free spins from the new casino.

This is a simple enough task as online casinos are in hot competition with one another in order to obtain new players. You will benefit from the competition as there are some pretty lucrative deals out there especially tailored for players, like yourself, looking for a long term relationship with new casino sites offer slots games. By following these steps you will easily be able to choose and sign with a great new casino, one which offers perks, bonuses, ongoing promotional offers and even VIP memberships and loyalty programs. The possibilities are endless and you are the one to benefit from a new video slot