Bitcoin Betting

Bitcoin sports betting is fast catching the eye of online users and the trend is demanding attention from modern players. Find out all you need to know about Bitcoin betting and be a part of the evolution of modern gaming.

What is Bitcoin Betting and How It Works?

Bitcoin and sports betting go hand in hand together as they are both modern online services from which you benefit from. In order to understand what the benefits are, you need to understand how it works.

Bitcoin is an online currency used to purchase items from online vendors through the use of an online wallet. With sportsbooks, betting online requires a deposit if you want to win real cash. This is where Bitcoin would feature as the cryptocurrency offers a number of advantages you wouldn’t be able to access if you were to make a deposit using your bank or cheque account. Bitocin betting has also become a popular payment and withdrawal method to the latest mobile sports betting sites as well as desktop versions.

How it works is when you sign onto your sportsbook account you will be required to make a deposit, you will need to select Bitcoin as a payment option but before you do, head over to Bitcoin and apply for a digital wallet. This process only takes a few minutes of your time and you have instant access to your funds. The information you will need to hand over depends on the wallet you are signing up with. Usually your age is required along with your banking details in order to transfer funds into your wallet.

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Steps to Play Sports Betting with Bitcoins:

  1. First Register:- To Sports Betting with Bitcoin need a bitcoin wallet like Coinbase and etc. in which you keep your bitcoins and it gives you a bitcoin address.
  2. Load your wallet with bitcoins: –After creating a bitcoin wallet you need to load bitcoins into it. You can buy bitcoins via bitcoin exchanges such as Coinbase, Bitstamp, BTC-E, and Bitfinex
  3. Choose Casino:- Now choose a casino that accepts bitcoin as a deposit option and suits you. And fill your personal details here.
  4. Deposit bitcoin in the casino :- In this step, you need to load your bitcoin casino with bitcoins. For this, you go to the website of bitcoin casino and select the bitcoin method available in the payment methods there and enter your wallet details there.
  5. Start Playing: – Now you can play your favorite Sports Betting easily. Good luck!!


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Pros of Bitcoin Betting and How It Works

Some of the pros of Bitcoin betting has impressed players so much that the market is continuously growing. This is good news as the best Bitcoinsportsbook will offer exclusive perks, not to be found anywhere else on the internet. Take a look at some of the Bitcoin sports betting advantages to get a better perspective why you should be taking on this trend.

Anonymous Advantages

There are some advantages to making anonymous transactions when gambling online. Bitcoineliminates the necessity of banking information which could put you in a threatening position and you could be exposed to criminal activity or stand to be hacked. This is one of the biggest advantages for online gamblers as they know there details are indeed protected as they have only used their wallets and not divulged any information.

Instant Funds

Being digitally designed as an online currency, the internet powers this allowing for users to instantly access funds when they process transactions online. This means gaining immediate access to the match already in play, allowing you to place a bet as quickly as you signed in.


Not all online sportsbooks accept your banking card, so you can easily opt for the Bitcoin payment or withdrawal method allowing you access to the games and being able to make a cash wager.

Cons of Playing Betting Games by Bitcoin

If you are considering getting yourself a wallet and enjoying the perks of Bitcoin sports betting, you should know there are also somedisadvantages. Check them out to better equip yourself so should you encounter any problems you will know whether or not it is normal from Bitcoin betting sites.

Firstly, not all sportsbooks accept Bitcoin so this could be limited to the more modernized sportsbooks and you may not be able to sign up with your current sportsbook from your mobile using Bitcoin as an option. On the plus side, most trending online casinos have evolved and introduced Bitcoin while others plan on doing the same.

Secondly, Bitcoin is versatile. While it currently holds high value in worth, the currency could crash in value at any given time. In the unlikely event that it does, Bitcoin holders will be affected in terms of not being able to get its value as when purchased, but this will not affect sportsbook accounts directly.

Lastly, being digitally based, the crypto can be hacked. Although highly unlikely, there will always be some sort of attempt to claim Bitcoin and although this may not affect you directly, it’s always a possibility.

Ultimately, the pros far outweigh the cons and leads one to believe that sportsbetting and Bitcoin makes the perfect match.