DECIDE Gambling Site is Legit to Play on or Bet on?

One of the most important things when it comes to enjoying a round of your favourite casino games is the process of finding out reliable sites to gamble. This segment is rather important because as online casino platforms are becoming more and more popular, people must explore the legitimation aspect of this entertainment activity in order to ensure their personal information. It is true that the internet is giving limitless access and it is available for everyone to use it, however, this opportunity can be easily abused as there are a number of scammers ready to invade your personal information and in most cases steal your money.

This statement is nothing new when it comes to dealing with the online world of entertainment, so it is of great importance to follow the steps which will help you ensure the time you spend enjoying your favourite online activities. The latest trend in the online entertainment world is definitely the online casino games, hence, why we have decided to focus on Helping you easily find best trusted online casino sites:



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If you continue reading you will find a complete guide that will help you easily determine what the reliable sites to gamble are and how you can actually know whether you encounter safe betting websites.

Factors you must consider while selecting a online casino to play

Except above listed Sites, if you are looking for more Trusted Gambling Sites we recommended you to check following  key attributes :

  • Blacklist

A backlist usually indicates that a certain casino site is untrustworthy, so to make things easy, you can open any backlist related to the most popular casino platforms to see whether the one you want to play on is on the list. If you cannot find the gambling site you want to bet on you will know it is safe to place your wager.

  • Secure Banking Options

Finding an online casino with safe banking options for deposits and withdrawals is crucial. Most trusted casinos allow deposit via debit or credit cards, e-checks, and other third-party options.Carefully read through the online casino’s policy regarding the types of payments they offer so that you can be certain to collect every single cent of your winnings.

  • On-Site Security (SSL)

Every online casino should have an SSL encrypted connection. If the URL of the online casino begins with “https” (instead of “http”) it means the site is using a secure SSL Certificate.

  • Player Authentication Process

When creating an account, most casinos will ask you to verify your email. When you ask for a payout, the trustworthy casinos will request identity proof like a government ID or a bill under your name.

  • License and Regulation

Take a quick look at the terms and conditions to know whether the online casino is licensed. If it is not regulated, it’s better to switch things up a look for other safe betting websites. If you don’t know where to find a certified casino, you can find our recommendations in the section mentioned here.

  • Customer Support

Legit online casino platforms care about their customers and always respond to any concern regarding the experience a player has on a particular website. So, be sure to read honest reviews of casino players that are available on the internet in order to make the right choice.

Types of Certificates for Online Casinos

There are three major ways for an Internet gaming establishment to demonstrate the forms of regulation that trusted casinos have to follow. These forms being the following:

  • Jurisdictional Licenses – Even rogue casinos are usually licensed in one of several gaming jurisdictions around the globe. Some of these regions require strict guidelines to be followed, while others are happy to receive an annual payment and look the other way. The quality of the various jurisdictions is discussed in greater detail in the section below.
  • Security Companies – These regulatory bodies check gaming sites for criminal activities and make sure players are protected from any other sort of illegal operation.
  • Software Testing Companies – These independent organizations make sure that the casino software is operating fairly and the random number generator is truly random. If glitches or weaknesses are found during an evaluation, the casino then has the opportunity to correct any problems.

Major Gambling Jurisdictions

The following are the primary gambling jurisdictions that give out licenses to trusted casinos. In order to maintain their license, the casino operators must adhere to standards set forth by the jurisdiction’s governing boy. These are listed in order of best to worst.

  • United Kingdom – The UK Gambling Commission assumed its duties in 2007, and they are responsible for regulating land-based and remote gambling based on the territory of Great Britain.
  • Isle of Man – The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Committee was founded in 1962 and later became one of the first jurisdictions to offer licenses to online gaming companies.
  • Alderney – In 2000, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission was established to ensure the fairness of all online gambling operations based on the island.
  • Kahnawake – Regulates online casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbook sites located within the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake. The initial application fee costs $25,000.
  • Curacao – Gaming licenses began being issued regularly from this island in 2002.
  • Cyprus – Licenses have been granted for over a decade, but their governing body has frequently been criticized for a lack of oversight.
  • Gibraltar – Numerous testing and auditing requirements must be met before a license is granted, but this hasn’t stopped the GRA from drawing criticism for its lax regulatory methods.
  • Malta – The Lotteries and Gaming Authority exists to prevent money laundering, keep games fair, and protect minors. According to feedback, they’ve only been partially successful.
  • Costa Rica – Over 200 online gambling companies are located in Costa Rica, and they are allowed to operate however they want as long as they refuse to offer their services to local residents. The end result is that a license from Costa Rica is easy to come by and not especially reliable.

Other Forms of Online Gambling Certification

In addition to the jurisdiction that licenses a casino, you should also search for one or more of these gambling certifications.

  • eCOGRA – Established in the UK in 2003, this regulatory body tests and certifies online casinos in territories ranging from Kahnawake to the Isle of Man. Numerous certifications are available, including the Safe and Fair Seal, Certified Software Seal, and Affiliate Trust Seal. A list of licensed casinos is kept on their website, so you can always check if you suspect a site of displaying false credentials.
  • GamCare – The presence of this logo on a casino shows that the staff has been adequately trained to recognize and deal with problem gambling.
  • SSL Certificate – Allows secure sessions between web servers and browsers. Clients may apply for a range of certificates, and each comes with their own qualifications.


Legal Info on Gambling !

Is Gambling Online Legal?

There is not a definite answer to this question  in particular, as it heavily depends on the place where you are currently living in. Understanding this, in most places in the world the action of an individual that is placing wagers online is not really breaking any laws. However, gambling laws and regulations exist but, they are not equally forced anywhere in the world. As an example, we are going to take a look at the United States where there are laws that permit the operating of the online betting sites where banks cannot process ant transactions that are related to any gambling organizations, nevertheless, an individual has all rights to place online betting while using offshore websites.

Casino enthusiasts certainly welcomed reason behind developments into online gambling industry but it raised a few questions with the governments of the world. Because of the different attitudes towards gambling, different countries have varying laws and can generally be split into three categories:

a.) Countries where both online and land-based casinos are legal.

b.) Countries where both types of casinos are illegal.

c.) Countries where they’re illegal on paper but the governments don’t prosecute their citizens if they play in a foreign casino.


Based on this categorization a distinction will be made from country to country. Lets discuss about Legality of Gambling continent wise :

1.) Gambling Law in Asia :

When it comes to gambling in Asia the situation is quite complicated. This complication arises from the fact that each country has different laws when it comes to gambling and the legal status of gambling tends to shift from time to time. An example of this is Singapore. The country banned all forms of gambling in 2014 and up until that year, the online and land-based casinos were legal. The situation in Japan is the opposite of Singapore.

At first, the country was against all forms of gambling so people had to find legal loopholes to play their favorite games. It’s because of this that public sports exist. People can place legal bets on horse, bicycle, powerboat and asphalt speedway motor racing. These public sports are regulated by local governments so special laws allow them to be legal. The lottery is also legal. Due to the Japanese’s love for all electronics, the government changed their mind about gambling in casinos and has recently adopted new laws regarding that matter. The first casinos are expected to be available in 2020.

Similar to Singapore, Thailand has banned all forms of gambling. However, their government doesn’t really care if people play casino games on foreign sites. In Taiwan, it’s only legal to bet on sports for which online and land-based sportsbooks are available. In Vietnam, there are land-based casinos but they’re off-limits to natives so only foreigners are allowed, and finally, in Malaysia, the government doesn’t have anything against gambling on paper but online gambling isn’t allowed and there’s only one casino in the country.

China bans all sorts of gambling except for physical sports betting. The game that satisfies their gambling needs both offline and on land is Macau. The situation in South Korea is similar to the one in Malaysia. In addition, India’s situation is downright confusing since there’s an Act from 1867 that prohibits all types of gambling. Despite this countries are free to make up their own minds about gambling which is why states like Goa, Daman, and Sikkim have land-based casinos available.

Online casinos aren’t technically legal but the government doesn’t prosecute those that play casino games online. Because of this many Indian players can play their favorite traditional and casino games online without fear of penalties. This also contributed to the rise of local casino sites as most casino sites don’t accept Indian players due to their currency. To make matters more confusing, state-approved lotteries are legal in India. Sports betting is also legal in regular and fantasy sports.

Asian Countries Gambling law : India, Chaina, Israel, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Malasia, Singapore

2.) Gambling Law in North & South America:

Much like the rest of the world, the governments in the Americas have split their minds when it comes to gambling. Some have a positive attitude towards it while others view it negatively. When it comes to North America the majority of states, if states in the US are viewed separately, are against it. Canada and Mexico have completely legalized and regulated all types of gambling. However, the legality of gambling in Canada varies from province to province. Despite being casino-friendly, people caught in illegal gambling can face jail time of up to 2 years and pay huge fines. The USA on the other hand, can’t seem to come to a decision whether it wants gambling legal or not. That’s why it’s legal in some states and it’s illegal in others. Nevada was the first to legalize casinos and online gambling.

Other states that followed Nevada’s example are New Jersey, Georgia, Illinois, Delaware, and New York. Casino websites were also launched from these states to cater to the needs of the American punters. Since states are allowed to make laws for or against any kind of gambling it’s highly likely that more states will join the fold of ones that are already for gambling since not a lot of top-ranking casino sites allow American players. This is good for American casino enthusiasts as home-based online casinos are just what they need to keep themselves entertained.

Countries in South America also have divided opinions when it comes to gambling. The majority of countries are fine with gambling and the rest are against it on paper but don’t prosecute anybody. The countries that have legalized and regulated both online and land-based gambling are Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Argentina, and the Dominican Republic. Brazil and Chile aren’t particularly fond of gambling but they won’t punish players for playing in offshore casinos. Gambling is immensely popular in Brazil and many are pushing for it to be legalized so maybe the situation will change in the future. Ecuador’s gambling situation is similar to that of Singapore except that it banned gambling in 2010. Despite the ban, the government won’t prosecute anyone who plays games at foreign casinos. The only country where gambling is illegal and you could be prosecuted in is Cuba.

American Countries Gambling law : Canada, USA


3.) Gambling Law in Africa:

The state of gambling is Africa is pretty well as 30 of 54 countries have legalized all forms of gambling. Those countries include Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, Cameron, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Ghana who have established themselves as reputable gambling centers. It’s no secret that gambling is popular in those countries and those casino enthusiasts are going to increase the operations of the gambling industry in the near future. The African casino market is relatively the biggest one and the only one that has grown quickly in a short span.

The thing that makes the situation in Africa interesting is that the countries that haven’t legalized gambling won’t prosecute anyone who engages in the activity. The things that people need to look out for are unregulated casinos. The African National Gaming Board is ruthless when it comes to unlicensed casinos and will close them down on the spot. If you’ve won something then you can forget that money as they will be confiscated and placed in the Unlawful Winnings Trust. People being caught playing at these types of casinos have been known to pay fines and even spend some time in jail.

African Countries Gambling law : South Africa



4.) Gambling Law in Middle East:

If you look at the Middle East you’ll notice that most countries there are Islamic and that pretty much sums up the gambling situation there. According to the Quran, all forms of gambling are prohibited unless they’re used for charity so anyone caught engaged in any kind of gambling will face severe punishment. With that being said, countries like the UAE, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Brunei, Kuwait, and Qatar have all banned gambling and anyone caught doing this will face severe penalties. Despite being an Islamic country, Dubai has managed to establish a few land-based casinos on its territory. Egypt along with Israel also has several casinos on land since they’ve legalized gambling. One interesting case in the Middle East is Lebanon because the country has only one casino in which casino enthusiasts can play their favorite games. All other forms of gambling are illegal.

Middle East Countries Gambling law :Israel




5.) Gambling Law in Australia and Newzealand:

Australia is one of the few countries that is alright with gambling on its territory. Sports betting as well as online poker and slot machines were played by Australian casino enthusiasts without a care in the world until 2017. Because of the Interactive Gambling Gaming Bill, most online sport betting sites were restricted and it made it impossible for Australian players to enjoy their games in any offshore casinos. Luckily, there are no clear sanctions for people who engage in online gambling however, if a player decides to visit and offshore site it’s extremely risky as they leave the protection of the local law. Online scams are raging and anyone who decides to play offshore is a visible target.

Australian Countries Gambling law : Australia





On the other hand, New Zealand has a few land-based casinos that operate on its territory. These 6 casinos are land-based and are licensed and regulated by the local government so no one will prosecute players if they visit these spots to enjoy a game or two. When it comes to online gambling there are no prosecutions for people that play casino games on offshore sites however, those sites are few since most won’t accept New Zealand players.

Newzealand Countries Gambling law : Newzealand






6.) Gambling Law in Europe:

When it comes to gambling in Europe, it’s evident that the majority of countries have legalized all both land-based and online casinos. Countries that have done so include Serbia, Sweden, Albania, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, and others. Some of the dominant countries are the UK, Spain, and Germany whose online gambling sites take care of the needs of players worldwide. In fact, the UK’s gambling reach is so big it takes up a large chunk of the US market.

Nevertheless, people in these countries are free to play their favorite games both online and in casino premises without the fear of being prosecuted. That being said there are a few exceptions. France and Iceland are the odd ones as they have banned online gambling sites but other forms of gambling like playing in land-based casinos, bingo and betting on sports are perfectly legal. Since Turkey is a Muslim country gambling is banned and those caught in the act will face severe repercussions. Finally, there are countries like Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic that are against online gambling on paper but won’t prosecute anyone playing casino games online on a foreign website.

European Countries Gambling law : Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugual, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK



As mentioned before, people and governments have different opinions when it comes to gambling. The countries that have it legalized and regulated take a careful approach to it but also reap the benefits that come out of it. The gambling industry is a profitable one so it receives heavy taxation from countries gambling is legal in. Governments can use this money for various purposes and in ways that the whole society can benefit from. On the other hand, countries that have banned gambling could either stick to their decision or change their minds and have these benefits as well. Gambling is a bit controversial so anyone can understand their position. Whatever happens, the legal situation with gambling will remain divided and in flux for a long time.